Increase in non-EU citizens without a Swedish work permit

D. 6/17/2022
Øresunddirekt has in recent times experienced an increasing amount of non-EU citizens living in Denmark and working in Sweden without a proper work permit. This may cause consequences for both the worker and the hiring company.

Citizens from a non-EU/EES country need a working permit to work in Sweden. This also applies to non-EU/EES citizens that have a residence permit in Denmark. 

Because of the recent lack of labor in both Skåne and Copenhagen, Øresunddirekt has started to experience an increase in cases, where a lack of knowledge about the rules of the working permit has caused problems for both employees and employers.

The right to work in Sweden is continuously monitored by the authorities in Sweden. The consequences of working in a country without a work permit can be very extensive both in the country you work in and in the country you live in. 

The company that employs a person without a work permit can also receive high penalties - usually in the form of a fine.

EU/EEA citizens always have the right to work in all other EU/EEA countries. 


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Note: On the 1'st of June 2022 new rules regarding applying for a working permit in Sweden is in force. Read more on the Swedish Migration Agency's webpage.


Read more about rules for a work permit in Sweden at

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