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Last updated 4/29/2024
Citizens from non-Nordic countries who want to work in Sweden must be aware of the rules for work permits.

Citizens from countries in EU/EES

The Nordic countries have agreed that Nordic citizens do not need a work permit to work in another Nordic country.


As a citizen of an EU country outside the Nordic region, you are also free to work and live in Sweden without applying for any permits, as long as you meet the requirements. Read more about working, studying, or living in Sweden at the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.


Migrationsverket - EU citizens


Citizens from countries outside the EU

If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU, you must have a work permit to work in Sweden. In most cases, you must apply for a work permit from your home country or your last country of residence. This also applies if you already have a Danish work or residence permit. If you would like to live in Denmark and want to commute to your workplace in Sweden, you must apply for a work permit in Sweden. You can apply via the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.


Migrationsverket - How to apply


If you are not an EU citizen and move from Denmark to Sweden, you must be aware that you may lose your Danish residence and work permit. If you move back to Denmark, you must apply for a work and residence permit again.


For information on Danish conditions - please contact the International House in Copenhagen.


Contact the International House

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