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Last updated 4/17/2023
Are you considering moving to Sweden? Or have you already decided to move, but are unsure about the practical details? This article gives you an overview of what you need to remember when moving to Sweden, regardless of how far you have come in your planning.

Find a new home

A good place to start if you want to buy a house or a flat in Sweden is the website Hemnet. The website is updated daily with new houses and flats to buy.

If you would rather rent a place to live, there are plenty of online rental websites in Sweden. Adverts for private rentals can be found on pages like and can be a good place to start your search. Other pages like or post adverts from bigger housing agencies. You can also find adverts in local newspapers.

Useful links to Swedish buy and rent portals

Are you selling your home in Denmark before moving?

In Sweden, any potential capital gain from the sale of real estate is taxed. That means that if you move to Sweden before you sell your old home in Denmark, you will be required to pay capital gains tax to Skatteverket (the Swedish tax agency). This should be taken into consideration when selling your flat in Denmark.


More information about tax and real estate sales in Sweden


Register your move and get a Swedish "personnummer"

If you move to Sweden and plan to stay in Sweden for more than a year, you are required to register in the Swedish Population Register (folkbokföring) and get a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer). You do this by paying a visit to your local tax office in the municipality that you have moved to. You should bring your passport to this appointment. It might also be a good idea to bring your rental agreement or proof of purchase of your Swedish house or flat. When you are registered in the Swedish Population Register, you will receive a Swedish personal identity number. You keep your Danish CPR number, even if you move from Denmark.

You can apply to become registered and receive a Swedish personnummer once your move has taken place. Please read a more detailed description of how you become registered in the Swedish Population Register, and what document you are required to provide, at


More information at


Resident permit in Sweden

Nordic and EU citizens

As a Nordic citizen, you do not need to apply for a residence permit in Sweden.

If you are a citizen of an EU member state, you are eligible to study, work or live in Sweden without applying for a residence permit – provided that you can support yourself. Otherwise, you are required to apply in Sweden. You apply for your right to remain at the Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).


More information for Nordic and EU citizens on


Citizen of a non-EU/EEA country

If you are not a citizen of a Nordic or EU country and are moving to Sweden to work, then you should apply for and have been granted a work permit before entering Sweden. The work permits are issued by the Migration Board. You can read more about the rules and find guidelines on how to apply on their website.


Applying for work permits as a non-EU citizen


Applying for studying and researching in Sweden as a non-EU-citizen 


If you already hold a Danish work permit, you risk losing this permit if you leave Denmark. Please contact Ny I Danmark for more information if this applies to you.


Contact Ny I Danmark for more information about your Danish work permit


Contact Försäkringskassan

When you live in Sweden, you have the right to services from Försäkringskassan. Please contact Försäkringskassan to check your social insurance registration.


More information at


Schools and Day Care

Schools and Day Care are operated by the municipalities in Sweden. You are therefore requested to contact the municipality that you are moving to, to register your child for a daycare place. The municipality can also help you find a school for your children or you can register your child for a private school or day care.


Pick a Vårdcentral (Health Care Centre)

If you get sick in Sweden, your first point of contact should be your local health center (vårdcentral). All residents of Skåne county are free to choose which vårdcentral they want to register at. There are both public and private alternatives. The patient fee is the same for a public and private vårdcentral provided that the private vårdcentral has an agreement with the county.


More information about the Swedish health care system here


Re-register your car

If you chose to bring your Danish car with you when you move to Sweden, the car will have to be re-registered at Svensk Bilprovning. You can also find more information regarding the import of cars from one EU country to another at the Swedish Transportstyrelsen.


More information about registering your car in Sweden at


More information at


Open a Swedish bank account

It is a good idea to open a bank account when you move to Sweden.

If you need help with comparing different banks and their fees, you can find information on the Konsumenteras bank och Finansbyrå website.


More information at


Get an ID-card

It is common in Sweden to get asked to show ID if you are, for example, renting a video or paying with a bank card. It is, therefore, a good idea to contact Skatteverket, which can help you get a Swedish ID card.


More information about ID cards is on Skatteverkets website


Right to vote when you live in Sweden

If you are a Danish citizen, moving to Sweden means that you lose your right to vote in Denmark – unless you are stationed, deployed, or studying in Sweden.

However, you can vote in municipality or county council elections in Sweden if you are older than 18 years old, are a citizen of an EU country, Iceland or Norway, and registered in the Swedish Population Register. If you are not a citizen of these countries, you are still eligible to vote when you have been registered in the Swedish population Register for three consecutive years before election day.

You can also vote in the European Parliament elections if you have turned 18, are a citizen of an EU country, and are-have at one time been registered in the Swedish Population Register.


More information regarding the right to vote in Sweden



If you have private pension savings in Denmark, then it is a good idea to contact that pension agency to understand whether your move to Sweden is going to affect your pension savings. When living in Sweden, you will also be taxed for revenue  from your private pension savings i Denmark. You will in most cases also pay tax for any pension income from Denmark.


Redirect your post

To get your post from Denmark sent to your address in Sweden, you need to contact PostNord.


More information on


Pay your TV license

Remember to cancel your TV license in Denmark when you move. The TV license in Sweden is deducted through taxes.


More information about TV licenses in Sweden at (in Swedish)


Moving to Sweden with a pet

If you are planning on bringing your pet with you when you move to Sweden, you need to get permission from Jordbruksverket in Sweden. More information regarding vaccinations and documents required can be found on their website.


More information at


Study in Sweden

EU/EEA-citizens can study in Sweden for free. 



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