The Swedish health care system

When you work in Sweden, you are entitled to treatment in both Sweden and Denmark. This applies to both emergency and planned treatment. If you become sick, you should first consult a “Health Centre” (Vårdcentral).

This information is for EU/EEA citizens only

If you are acutely ill, you can visit the emergency department of the nearest hospital. If your condition is life threatening, contact SOS Alarm on telephone number 112.


Border commuters - the right to medical treatment in both countries

Border commuters, i.e. people who live in one country and work in another, can choose where they want to be treated. This applies for both acute and planned treatment. Family members of border workers are excluded however. They must seek planned treatment in the country of residence, but they are of course entitled to emergency treatment in both countries. However, you should have a certificate from the National Agency of Social Insurance showing that you are entitled to treatment in Sweden.


Read more about this in the article "Right to treatment in Sweden”


Health Centre

Everyone who lives in Sweden belongs to a health centre. The health centre corresponds to a Danish medical centre. In Skåne you can choose which health centre you want to be registered with. It is the health centre that is the first port of call if you become ill.


Hospital & Emergency

Almost all visits to the hospital are referred visits from a doctor at the health centre. This means that you should first consult your health centre, which then examines you and refers you as needed. There is, however, an exemption in the event of sudden serious health issues. In this case, you can go visit the emergency department.


Patient charges                                    

In Sweden, treatments are largely financed by the public sector. However, the patient pays a small part of the cost, the so-called patient charge. Patient charges vary depending on the region you are attached to, as well as the treatment you receive. In Sweden you get a subsidy for dental treatment and medication.


Read more about the different prices in the Swedish "Health guide" (in Swedish)

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