Trade union membership

Last updated 3/14/2023
The Swedish trade unions can provide support and assistance to its members in matters of pay and terms of employment.

This information is for EU/EEA citizens only

Whether you want to become a member of a trade union or not in Sweden is optional. However, it may be a good idea if you want to have support in matters such as salary payments, contractual terms, terms of employment, health and safety, and so on. The mission of trade unions is namely to protect the interests of their members. In most Swedish workplaces, it is typical to have a trade club (fackklubb), or a shop steward representing the members. Often there are several organizations representing different groups of employees in the workplace.

Members pay a monthly membership fee. 


The trade union for commuters

The main rule for a trade union membership is that you should be organized in the country of work, regardless of whether you live in the country or not. If you are a member of a Danish trade union, you can maintain the membership, even if you start working in Sweden. You should be aware that a Danish trade union cannot affect the working and pay conditions of a Swedish workplace and cannot help you with legal matters in Sweden. Additionally, a Swedish trade union knows more about the Swedish working conditions and hence could advise you better. 

Nevertheless, there may be insurance policies and the like that you have through your Danish trade union that you can keep, even if you start working in Sweden. Contact your Danish trade union for more information.

Some unions have nordic cooperation and can offer you a guest membership. Please check with your union for more information.

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