Summary on Swedish trade unions

Last updated 5/21/2024
Trade unions safeguard the interests of employees and can help the member of the trade union with issues related to e.g. contracts or working conditions.

This information is for EU/EEA citizens only

Swedish trade unions

A Swedish trade union is an organization of employees in a specific occupation or workplace. If you want to be a member of a trade union it has to be a union in your country of employment. Danish trade unions do not influence the Swedish labor market.

The trade union safeguards the interests of employees against employers. This may be by involving wage negotiations, work regulations, complaints, conditions of employment, work environment, benefits for the employees, and other working conditions. Members of a trade union can get legal advice as a basis for negotiation with the employer. In some cases, the trade union also negotiates group insurance for its members.

Some of the tasks that a trade union undertakes are:

  • collective bargaining
  • political activities
  • negotiating benefits for employees
  • organizing strikes at workplaces


Trade union subscriptions

Membership subscriptions vary between trade unions and depend on your income - please contact the individual trade unions to learn more. 


Read more about Swedish trade unions at The Swedish Trade Union Confederations webpage


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