Child benefit when working in Sweden

Last updated 7/9/2024
Whether child benefit is paid primarily in Sweden or Denmark depends on where both parents work and in which country the child lives. Here is a brief introduction about which authority to contact.

Commuters where the family live in Denmark. Which country pays?

If the family lives in Denmark and one parent works in Sweden and the other works in Denmark, Denmark pays child benefit in the first instance. Please contact Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) at Øresunddirekt for more information. If the Swedish allowance exceeds the sum of the Danish allowance when the parents work in both Denmark and Sweden respectively, Sweden pays a supplement equal to the difference between the two amounts.

If one parent works in Sweden and the other does not work or if both parents work in Sweden, child benefit is paid by Sweden.


Contact Øresunddirekt for more information


Read more about child allowance on


Försäkringskassan pays child benefit in Sweden

The Swedish authority "Försäkringskassan" manages and pays child benefit. Child benefit is paid once a month. 

Contact Öresunddirekt for more information.


Read more about child allowance at Försäkringskassan


Extra benefits for large families

You can receive large family supplement if you have at least two children for whom you are receiving child allowance.


Read more about large family supplement at Försäkringskassan


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