Travel restrictions for Sweden due to the coronavirus/covid-19

D. 1/5/2021
On the 21st December 2020, the Swedish government announced a new travel ban on travel from Denmark and the United Kingdom to Sweden. The restrictions enter into force on at midnight on the 22nd December. There are, however, some restrictions to the travel ban.

The travel ban is introduced on travel from Denmark due to the increased levels of transmission of the coronavirus in Sweden and Denmark. The aim of the restrictions is to avoid an increase in transmission in Sweden.

The new travel restrictions were deemed necessary after a new mutation of the coronavirus Covid-19 had been identified, first in the United Kingdom, and then in Denmark. The travel restrictions are expected to last for a month from the 22nd December 2020.


More information and a recording of the press conference (in Swedish) here


You can find more information about the travel ban at

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Sweden has not published further information regarding what documentation that will be needed for travel at the time of writing.

The Swedish police will do an individual assessment of each individual case at the border. It is not possible to receive permission to enter Sweden in advance of travel.

There are currently a few restrictions to the travel ban:

  • Swedish citizens who can present a passport or other valid form of identification
  • People who live in Sweden and who can present a valid form of identification and document that they live in Sweden. Ownership of a summerhouse in Sweden is not currently considered a valid reason for travel into the country.
  • People who work in Sweden and can present a valid form of identification and document that they work in Sweden.
  • People transporting goods

Individuals who want to visit family in Sweden are not currently except from the travel ban and can therefore not travel to Sweden solely for that reason.

If you are visiting a sick family member of if you are due to attend a funeral in Sweden – the Swedish police will perform an individual assessment on a case-by-case basis at the border. It is therefore a good idea to collect and provide as much documentation for your visit or funeral attendance as possible.

Please be aware that the travel restrictions can change quickly.


It is the Swedish police who conducts border checks in Sweden.

More information at


Contact the Swedish policy via phone:

From Sweden: 114 14

From Denmark: +46 77 114 14 00


Travel to and from Bornholm

Due to the current travel ban, it is currently not possible to travel from mainland Denmark to Bornholm via Ystad if your reason for travel are not covered by the above exemptions. Additional departures will be added for the ferry connections between Rønne and Køge. More information at the Bornholmslinjen website.

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