Taking holidays in Sweden

Last updated 4/10/2019
In Sweden it is the individual employer who administers the employees’ holiday. In principle, all employees are entitled to 25 days holiday a year.

Right to 5 weeks

If you work in Sweden, you are covered by Swedish holiday legislation that gives you various benefits, including: days of holiday (semesterledighet), holiday pay (semesterlön) and holiday remuneration (semesterersättning). The law gives you the right to 25 days of holiday and 4 consecutive weeks of holiday during the period of June, July and August, unless otherwise is noted the collective agreement. Also, you have the right to save a number of your holiday days each year for a maximum of 5 years and thus, if it is possible at your workplace, you can have more holidays one year than another.

  • Holiday days: All full time employees are entitled to take 25 days holiday per year. 
  • Holiday pay: Is the pay the employee receives during their holiday. Holiday pay consists of your current salary, any supplementary salary and a holiday bonus. 
  • Holiday remuneration: This is paid when you end your employment if you have not used all the holiday days that you are entitled to.


Swedish holiday year

A holiday year is the year in which you can take vacation. It runs from 1 April and one year ahead to and including 31 March of the following year.


How do you take holidays in Sweden?

In Sweden it is the individual employer who administers your holidays. Most often it is someone in the personnel department that performs this function.

According to the holiday legislation, holiday has to be counted in whole days. Usually this means that you cannot go on half a day’s holiday (in some collective agreements it is possible to take half days of holiday, so check what applies in your collective agreement). 


If you stop working in Sweden

If your employment ends, you are entitled to holiday pay for:

  • Holiday accrued in the current year
  • Remaining holiday for this year
  • Accrued holiday from previous years

As previously mentioned, you should contact your employer to get information regarding your right to holiday payment.

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