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Bank accounts and loans in Sweden

Last updated 5/7/2021
When you start working in Sweden, you must open a Swedish bank account so you can receive your Swedish salary.

This information is for EU/EEA citizens only

If you have found work in Sweden, it is a good idea to open a Swedish bank account as quickly as possible, so you can receive your Swedish salary.

A number of banks offer special solutions for commuters. This means that you have two bank accounts, one in Sweden and one in Denmark, and that a fixed transfer takes place once a month between the two banks. Some banks also allow you to transfer money between the two banks via a netbank without incurring additional fees. It may therefore be a good idea to investigate the terms of the different banks before making a final decision about which bank you want to use.


On contact with the Swedish bank

If you visit a Swedish bank to open a salary account, you should remember to bring the following:

  • Employment contract
  • A national register certificate from Denmark or Sweden, depending on where you live
  • ID such as a passport or driving licence

In the absence of a Swedish ID, you can instead bring your passport, driving licence or other ID issued by a public authority that proves your identity and citizenship. 

You can open a Swedish bank account regardless of whether you have a Swedish civil registration number or a Swedish address. The Swedish bank may refuse to open a bank account if it can demonstrate special grounds for refusing (e.g. if you have previously committed a criminal act against or via your bank).


Electronic identification via your Swedish bank

Sweden does not have a system similar to the Danish NemId. However, you can get electronic identification from many banks or from Telia. Electronic identification is personal and can be used to contact banks, authorities, municipalities and a number of companies via the Internet.


Get electronic identification from your Swedish bank


Credit and loans from Swedish banks

The Swedish bank needs to assess your creditworthiness before granting you a loan. You must therefore be able to prove that you have a job and an income. If you work in Sweden and your salary is paid in Sweden, it is easy for the bank to order a credit report on you. However, this is not possible across the borders of the Nordic countries. Therefore, if you are Danish, live in Sweden and work in Denmark, you have to find other ways of proving your creditworthiness. You can do this, for example, by producing your latest pay slips, your employment contract or similar. 


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