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Start working in Sweden

Good advice when applying for jobs in Sweden

If you want to apply for jobs in Sweden, you can find vacant posts here on Øresunddirekt, check company websites or send a unsolicited application."You can find more tips on how to find your dream job in Sweden here.

Commute to a job in Sweden

Do you live in Denmark and consider getting a job on the other side of Øresund? In the commuter guide you will learn about everything from the Swedish “coordination number” to SINK tax and which authority deals with social secu...

Work permit in Sweden

Citizens from non-Nordic countries who want to work in Sweden must be aware of the rules for work permits.

Employment contracts and terms in Sweden

A Swedish employer must, within one month after the employee has commenced employment, inform in writing of the conditions that apply to the position.

Taking holidays in Sweden

In Sweden it is the individual employer who administers the employees’ holiday. In principle, all employees are entitled to 25 days holiday a year.

Leave when you work in Sweden

When you work in Sweden, you have the right to take leave under Swedish rules. For example, you have the right to take parental leave with benefit for a total of 480 days.

Summary on Swedish unemployment insurance funds

Here you can read about the unemployment insurance funds in Sweden you can become a member of and how they are structured.

Unemployment benefits - if you commute to/from Sweden

If you commute between Denmark and Sweden, there are special rules regarding unemployment insurance funds and unemployment benefit. The main rule is that if you want unemployment benefits, you must be a member of an unemploymen...

Summary on Swedish trade unions

Read a brief summary about how a Swedish trade union is structured and find a list of the trade unions that exist in Sweden.

Trade union membership

The Swedish trade unions can provide support and assistance to its members in matters of pay and terms of employment.