Public servant pension (tjänstepension) in Sweden

Most full-time employees have a public servant pension, which serves as a supplement to the state pension.
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This information is for EU citizens only.

When you start working in Sweden, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the pension agreements that apply to your workplace. Public servant pensions are based on agreements between the labour market partners. The agreement means that you as an employee get a portion of your salary in the form of a pension.


It is your employer who must setup a public servant pension on your behalf. Sometimes, however, you can decide which insurance company is to manage your pension money. If you have worked in different areas, you can have more than one public servant pension.

Get an overview of your Swedish pension

At your employer and your trade union you can get more information on your labour market pension. You can also find general information about the Swedish and Danish pension systems from Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) at Øresunddirekt in Malmö.