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How to get a coordination number

Last updated 5/6/2021
When you live in Denmark and start working in Sweden, you must get a Swedish coordination number from the Swedish Tax Agency.

This information is for EU/EEA citizens only

The coordination number is necessary to pay tax in Sweden. You apply by completing form SKV 4350. To obtain the coordination number, you must show your passport and an employment contract.


Click here for form SKV 4350 on Skatteverket.se


If your employer asks for a Swedish coordination number to be able to draft an employment contract, you must explain that you need the employment contract in order to obtain a co-ordination number.

Your employer must therefore sign a temporary contract without a co-ordination number, which you can take to the Swedish Tax Agency. Once the Swedish Tax Agency has given you a co-ordination number, your employer can issue the final contract stating the co-ordination number.


Read more about the rules for working in Sweden on Skatteverket.se 


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